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MCP National Certification "Paraprofessional" Exam

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The Master Citizen Planner (MCP) credentialing program was developed as a benchmark for education among elected and appointed officials, and citizen volunteers.  Attaining the credential demonstrates a working knowledge of the skills necessary to guide community development.   The Master Citizen Planner designation is an achievement recognized as the standard of excellence among planning officials and community leaders nationwide.

To obtain the MCP credential participants must also successfully complete:

  • An examination based on program material; and
  • A capstone project which applies the material learned to improve local planning and zoning.

The exam is conducted in an online environment with a two hour time frame for completing the exam. Participants will have three opportunities to pass the exam with a score of 70% or better.

The primary goal of the capstone project is for the program participants to apply their learning to benefit their community. This is the "transformational education" component of the program. The capstone project will be required for those wishing to earn the Master Citizen Planner credential. The capstone project should generally be an activity that is related to the course material and benefits the city, village, township, or county in which the participant resides in some tangible way.


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