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American Citizen Planner 101™

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  • On-Demand
  • Anytime/anywhere
  • Not dependent on instructors or facilities

This segment of American Citizen Planner is designed to equip volunteer community leaders with the technical knowledge and leadership skills needed to perform their duties more effectively.

Participants will Learn what a comprehensive plan is and how it should be used and gain a complete understanding of the planning process. The modules are offered entirely on the Internet. Work at your own pace when and where it fits into your busy personal and professional life.

The online program is intended for local appointed and elected officials, zoning administrators, planning professionals and interested citizens. In addition, this program is also useful for architects, surveyors, real estate agents, engineers, landscape architects, property managers, developers, and other professionals in the land-development area.

American Citizen Planner offers training directly to local officials. Currently we offer:

ACP: Introducing the Planning Official
Free Access
This unit is a short introduction to your role as a planning official. It will introduce you to your duties and responsibilities as a planning official, as well as the groups with which you will be working.

American Citizen Planner 101™
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This self-study online national curriculum that provides one Continuing Education Unit (10 hours) of instruction in two major areas: comprehensive plans and the planning process is now availabe to purchase for $99.99.


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