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Our mission
We empower citizens to shape the future of their communities with useful tools and education for positive land use decisions.

"Land use decisions affect every aspect of our lives. Our visionary Citizen Planner program is tangible evidence of how serious we are about fulfilling our responsbilities. It empowers us all."
--Lou Anna K. Simon, MSU President

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Join the American Citizen Planner Consortium

American Citizen Planner Consortium is partenering with affiliates at educational institutions around the United States to form the nation’s leading land use education consortium.

The American Citizen Planner staff of nationally known professional land use planners and adult education specialists works with universities and statewide organizations to create learning products tailored to local needs.  Our products help cultivate a vibrant and livable America through educated citizens and leaders. We have invested several years and more than $2 million developing and refining classroom and online learning programs so you don't have to.

Contact us to learn how you can quickly unleash the resources of American Citizen Planner, branded locally to ensure maximum impact for your organization.


American Citizen Planner offers training directly to local officials available now!

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